With all the problems Michigan State University is dealing with concern the Dr. Nassar issue and specifically the $500 million dollar settlement I received an email from a listener of mine, a MSU graduate and faithful donor.

They are really concerned with this Dr. Nassar issue, among one of their concerns is who is going to pay for this settlement.

They wrote the following:

Hi Renk,

I was listening to your first hour on my drive to Metro Airport and wanted to call in but I was loosing the signal. I am an MSU grad and for the past 30 years have been a fairly significant donor. I am very angry that this abuse has been going on for more than a decade. Nassar and Strempel have caused damage to the university that can never be repaired. I was asked to make my donation prior to April 30 to get credit for this year for basketball seating. I found that I cannot in good conscience write the check. My feeling at the time is that I do not want one dime of my donation going to help MSU settle the case. Not that I am not supportive of the victims but MSU allowed this to go on so they can pay for it.

In addition, I’m angry because I personally have lost my pride in the university. I used to take great pride in wearing spartan gear and attending special events like the final four and Big Ten football championships. No more! I am embarrassed by the inaction of the university over these transgressions. To think that the dean of the osteopathic college was a facilitator to Larry Nassar makes me nauseous.

In summary, I have lost my faith in MSU and can no longer be a donor. I have discussed this with many of my friends who are donors and find their reaction diverse. While many feel as I do there are some who will support the university in any circumstance. Thank you for everything you do. Your show is thought provoking and insightful. Rarely do I feel compelled to call your show but had I been at my desk I would certainly called in to give my opinion.

It appears that MSU may have more problems on their hands then they might have thought.

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