In an unprecedented attack on her opponent Hillary Clinton during yet another high-dollar fundraiser turned her rising anger on the American people and those who don’t support her or her policies. Hillary Clinton called ‘half’ of Trump supporters a “bucket of deplorables” that are “racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic and Islamaphobic”. It is remarkable that after a tough couple of weeks that saw Clinton struggle to answer questions from Matt Lauer at an NBC Commander in Chief Forum, her polling numbers falling dramatically and her nearly unable to deliver a speech because of an out of control coughing spasm. Her solution and her campaigns solution was to insult millions of American voters by denigrating them as somehow not worthy.

Hillary made the disparaging remarks to an elitist crowd that had to drop $50,000 each just to attend the event. That’s right. Hillary was attacking working men and women in this country from all backgrounds and all walks of life while drinking and dining with a roomful of one-percenters.

Nothing says she is a fighter for the middle class quite like spitting on the little guy while drinking Champagne and eating caviar with Barbra Streisand and other Hollywood A-list celebrities.

Hard working men and women all across this country that don’t agree with Hillary Clinton or her policies are routinely called racist and xenophobic in passing but this time she went a step further to use a broad-brush and paint half of America that way. Yep, if you don’t vote for Hillary you are just a knuckle dragging racist, xenophobic, misogynist pig.

The shelter of a sinking campaign is insulting and personally attacking those who are not voting for you it seems. It is one thing to insult those you are running against. Clinton and Trump have been running that play for months but to turn your wrath on the voters that don’t support you as somehow beneath you is reprehensible. To do it in front of a room of super-wealthy elites is despicable!

After getting pounded by just about everyone for her incredibly offensive remarks Clinton finally paraded out a half-baked frankly half-assed statement of regret. Not an apology however and let me be clear, a statement of regret. The statement came a day after the firestorm erupted and the hashtag Basket of Deplorables began trending on Twitter and went straight to number one and stayed there. Her statement read in part: ‘Last night I was ‘grossly generalistic,’ and that’s never a good idea. I regret saying ‘half’- that was wrong.’

Yes it was wrong. It was also wrong to not actually apologize to the millions of hard working men and women in America that are supporting her opponent Donald Trump.

Her statement leaves us to wonder; what exactly is it that she regrets? That she uttered the truth of her disdain of U.S. voters in public? That she didn’t say all and only singled out half of the country? I mean seriously this is the kind of thing a kid who won’t admit they are wrong tries to say to get off the hook but never say you’re sorry.

Which brings me to a list of what I find deplorable:

- Not being able to say you’re sorry

- Not being able to tell the truth about your email scandal

- Trying to blame Colin Powell for your behavior

- Avoiding the truth about Benghazi

- Attacking women who accused your husband of sexual assault and rape

- Your disdain for the US Constitution and this country

- Using your position to benefit yourself financially

- Kissing Robert Byrd the former KKK leader and calling him your mentor

- Praising Margaret Sanger

- Uttering Ronald Reagans name in your defense for any reason

- The oversized plaid pantsuit that looks like a tablecloth

- You using your daughter as a shield in the email investigation

- Your support of failed foreign policy in Iraq, Iran, Syria, Libya and a host of other places

- You attacking Americans as racist and bigoted because they don’t like you

- Your fictional references to a vast right wing conspiracy

- Whitewater

- Travelgate

- Filegate and Vince Foster

I can find a lot of things that are ‘deplorable’ but American citizens that are not supporting you because they don’t like you or your policies is the height of arrogance and clearly demonstrates that you Madam Secretary are way out of step with the people you actually think you could represent. The truth is Madam Secretary you are so out of touch that you know nothing about us.

Here is the one thing you need to know; come election-day November 8, 2016 a Yuge ‘basket of deplorables’ will find their way to the voting booth and pull the lever to Make America Great Again because you being President would be the most deplorable outcome of all!