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Here's a piece I wrote several years ago but is still revenant today:

Why is it my responsibility to pay for you or your kids to attend college? When did it become my civic duty to cover the expense of higher education even when it includes many degrees so ridiculous it is hard to fathom.

If you’re among those who insist it is in everyone’s best interest for the government to be involved in higher education- try this list of actual degrees on for size that were put together by the London Telegraph:


Students at the University of Connecticut can spend their days training to be the next Kermit the Frog or Oscar the Grouch.

Professional nanny

Kentucky's Sullivan University offers a 12-month program that allows students to earn a professional nanny diploma, a certificate from the American Council of Nanny Schools, and CPR and first-aid certifications.

Pop culture

Students who love television, movies, comedy and magazines will certainly enjoy majoring in popular-culture studies at Bowling Green State University.


From pistols to rifles, Lassen Community College offers students a chance to learn everything they can about guns.

Fermentation sciences

Some may joke that they “majored in beer” in college, but Appalachian State University literally gives students that opportunity.

Canadian studies

Duke is one of the U.S. universities to offer students the opportunity to major in Canadian studies.


Employers searching for solid decision-makers should be scouting Indiana University graduates. The Bloomington, Ind., college offers a doctoral program in decision sciences that focuses on the quantitative methods used to aid decision-making in business environments.

The Beatles

Few can claim to love the Beatles more than those who earn a master's degree on John, Paul, George and Ringo from Liverpool Hope University in the United Kingdom.


San Francisco State University allows students to earn either a master's degree or a minor degree in Sexuality Studies.


Talking quickly is just one of the skills that graduates of Harrisburg Area Community College's auctioneering program will learn.

And fast talking is what it usually takes to get such absurd notions past voters. Like Jonathan Gruber said- you have to rely on the stupidity of the American voters. You’d think however that when we start spending money on degrees on Sex, the Beatles or puppets somebody would finally say no.


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