Get ready to celebrate!

According to the National Day Calendar website, tomorrow (Friday, January 18th) is a very important day... National Michigan Day! A very auspicious day for us Michiganders. And everyone else, too, because let's be honest... Michigan rocks! There is so much about the state of Michigan that's worth celebrating; our salt and shark free Great Lakes, the natural beauty of Pictured Rocks or Sleeping Bear Dunes, the birthplace of Motown, and so much more.

So how does one go about celebrating a day like National Michigan Day? Well by enjoying some things that are quintessentially Michigan, of course! So whether you want to celebrate simply (like sipping on an ice cold Faygo), or celebrate a bit more extravagantly (like making the trip out to Frankenmuth to enjoy some of Zehnder's famous chicken), check out the gallery below to see 9 ways you can celebrate Michigan in a purely Michigan way!

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