So our sales manager at Townsquare Radio in Lansing Michigan challenged me today to speak up about how cheap the company really is. Did Rick really think I wouldn’t take his challenge? I know it’s not like dumping ice water over my head to raise money for Lou Gehrig’s disease but after months of sweltering heat in the studio while the rest of the stations broadcasting in the building don’t seem to have this unique problem I agreed it is time to speak up. At the time Rick made his challenge it was 83 degrees in our studio and the mercury was still rising.

I’ve asked for weeks… no, make that months for the air conditioning to be fixed. It has fallen on deaf ears. The Steve Gruber Show meanwhile continues to grow in listenership and affiliates… not falling on deaf ears it seems.

So thank you Rick for finally giving me my voice- here we go, it is time to fix the non functioning air conditioning unit in our studio. We work every day under the understanding that we are a family of broadcasters… and frankly this odd ball cousin for one is tired of being ignored. We show up at 5 in the morning… whether or not the skies are clear, or there are 12 inches of fresh snow on the ground or three inches of rain running off the streets.

So Townsquare please prove to me I am a valued member of this broadcast team and please fix the air. Thank you so much for your attention to this important and pressing matter. I mean I am required to post at least two stories a day on this website and without proper ventilation I might just pass out!

Thank you,

Steve Gruber

PS- Rick you rock!