Lansing can boast being the state capitol of Michigan, but what about East Lansing? East Lansing is the largest suburban community of the city of Lansing, and was incorporated in 1907. The origins go back 50 years prior to being incorporated when the Michigan Agricultural College was set up. It was created in a wilderness a few miles east of the wood-framed State Capitol building. Back then the village was called Collegeville, due to the existence of all the teachers and students. Later it would be renamed Michigan State College in 1925, and then became Michigan State University in 1955. East Lansing occupies 13.49 square miles, and is known as a cultural, artistic, and recreational center, with many street festivals, outdoor concerts, and extraordinary events year-round.

Here are 7 things you probably didn’t know about East Lansing:

1) The median age in East Lansing according to the 2010 census is 21.6 years old.

2) 95.5% of Households have a computer and 81.3% have broadband internet

3) East Lansing boasts 4.7 miles of walking trails and 14.2 miles of bike lanes

4) East Lansing is home to the W.J. Beal Botanical Garden, the oldest in the United States

5) The home of the Red Cedar river, a tributary of the Grand River that is about 51.1 miles long and runs along the MSU (Michigan State University) campus

6) The Eli and Edythe Broad Art Museum, is a contemporary art museum at Michigan State University

7) The Talbert and Leota Abrams Planetarium on the MSU campus serves as an astronomy and space education center for Mid-Michigan. (It is currently closed due to Covid.)

Of course, with MSU being a major part of East Lansing, there are many opportunities to enjoy all the sporting events at the University. Football, Basketball, Hockey and Baseball are all activities to be enjoyed on campus. And you will never have a problem finding an interesting place to dine in East Lansing, the variety is endless. Enjoy visiting East Lansing, it is a vibrant active community with a lot to offer to its residents and visitors. And it is right next door!

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