I never knew much about tiny houses, but kept running into articles on social media. Then I came across a for sale page on tiny houses and decided to explore this new phenomenon. I’ve bought a few houses and condos in my life, and it’s always a huge financial undertaking. Depending on where you live, new and used homes can be quite expensive. But the tiny house concept is really taking off in America. Just google tiny houses for sale in your area, you will be surprised at the offerings. I investigated the Michigan market for tiny houses, here’s five tiny houses you can buy today. Keep in mind the savings, they can be much cheaper than a normal home or condo, and being small in size your utility bills will not be a problem. Just because they are tiny houses, that doesn’t mean they can’t have high end features and be built to your specifications. Most are built to be mobile. One of our tiny houses listed was built from a shipping container. They are amazing! Here are five tiny houses for sale in Michigan to check out:

If you are interested in purchasing one of these homes they are all listed at https://tinyhouselistings.com/countries/united-states/states/michigan

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Tiny Houses


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