When you picture Thanksgiving, what comes to mind? I picture all of my loved ones cramming themselves into a room, eating their entire body weight in turkey, while reminiscing. For me, there will be no cramming people into a room this year because of the pandemic. COVID-19 numbers are on the rise in Michigan and according to the CDC, it's safest to gather outside while wearing a mask and staying six feet apart.

If you're worried about having to cancel your holiday plans, you don't have to. Thanksgiving will just look a little different this year. But hey, 2020's been full of curveballs and I think we've adapted pretty well. So if you're up for it, here's some ways to celebrate Thanksgiving while staying safe..

A Social Distanced Thanksgiving

If your family has decided to skip the festivities this year and you're like me and have absolutely no idea how to cook a turkey, there's tons of places serving dinner. You can still celebrate Thanksgiving and get dinner from your favorite local restaurants or these stores.

If you're good at baking, check out these fun desserts! Maybe you can talk your friends or family into doing a pie eating contest over zoom. However, I'd do it before dinner or else you might make yourself sick.

Have you and your loved ones found a new way to celebrate Thanksgiving this year? Download the app and let us know! Just hit the call or message button.

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