Michigan's Governor Rick Snyder has decided to recognize over 300 same-sex marriages.  The legal unions were performed last year during a short window of time where same-sex marriage was legal in Michigan.

Snyder announced Wednesday that he would not appeal a ruling that requires the state to recognized the marriages that occurred during that time period. According to U.S. District
Judge Mark Goldsmith the marriages are valid but there is a hold for 21 days on the decision to allow for an appeals process.This decision could now allow those couples to jointly adopt children.  This could also affect health insurance for the couples married last year.

In March of 2014 a different Michigan federal judge struck down the ban on gay marriage. The very next day same-sex couples in four different counties married.  Later an appeals court suspended the decision and made it impossible for any additional gay couples to marry in Michigan.

The U.S. Supreme Court has now decided to review the legality of the 2004 voter-approved ban in Michigan.