Holy cow…this place really does contain an unexpected plethora of sights. Imagine – a place that looks as if it was picked up somewhere in the Upper Peninsula and dropped off in the center of Mid-Michigan. That would be the Ledges of Grand Ledge.

If someone were to blindfold you, take you there, and then unmask you, you might think you’re somewhere in the Rocky Mountains…or Appalachians…or, yeah, the U.P. The Ledges is jam-packed with water, boulders, caves, cliffs, crevices, trails, and plenty of natural wonder.

Centuries ago, the Native American tribes of the Chippewa, Potawatomi, and Ottawa lived at these layered rock formations, thanks to the plentiful amount of food. They got clams and fish out of the river, and had a good supply of bear, deer, and turkey. The river still has a good amount of freshwater life, but the others animals keep their distance…yeah, even the bears.

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How old are these rock formations? They are estimated at over 300 million years old and are approximately five miles long, with some rock areas 60 feet tall.

There are four parks here: Fitzgerald Park, Island Park, Lincoln Brick Park, and Oak Park. The most interesting is Lincoln Brick Park. Here you’ll not only come across multi-colored rocks, but you can explore the old abandoned Baker Clay/Lincoln Brick Company structure. The partially-built walls were made from inferior bricks that the company deemed unsuitable to sell. The company stopped making bricks in 1947.

The best time of year to visit? Anytime. But wear boots. That’s the suggested footwear.

Take a look at the gallery below…then plan a visit. You will NOT be disappointed…

The Ledges of Grand Ledge


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