The calendar now reads 2016, but it might as well be 2011 for Michigan State football.

Once again, the Spartans find themselves going back to the drawing board after a humbling evisceration at the hands of Alabama.

In 2011, the Crimson Tide embarrassed MSU 49-7 in a Capital One Bowl that Alabama was disappointed to play in. After the game, Mark Dantonio and the rest of the MSU program realized they had to become more athletic to be able to take the next step.

Here we are five years later and the Spartans' staff finds itself at a similar crossroads. MSU has certainly come a long way as a program since 2011, but ultimately the Spartans are still just not in Alabama's class.

So here in the gallery above are three New Year's Resolutions for the Michigan State football program that will help it take the next step and be able to compete with the likes of Alabama for national championships.