An escaped prison inmate could be back in Michigan soon to face additional charges in that break, but is it also time to take a second look at what put him behind bars in the first place? is reporting that court proceedings were anything but usual for Michael David Elliot on Thursday as the convicted four-time killer gave up his battle to fight extradition back to Michigan to face the additional charges. The hearing was held in Indiana.

Elliot made national headlines when he was able to escape from the Ionia Correctional Facility on February 2nd, describing it as "relatively easy."  He made his way past two fences, eluding guards and other security measures to gain his freedom just as the Super Bowl was getting underway.  A recent report indicated a motion sensor that was tested earlier in the day had not been set the night of the escape.

Elliot is believed to have carjacked a woman after leaving the prison grounds and forced her to drive to Indiana where she was able to break away and call authorities.  Elliot was arrested soon afterward.

He has been held in Indiana while fighting his extradition back to Michigan but on Thursday gave up the struggle agreeing to return to the state.  He's now being housed at a facility in Jackson.

As he was being transported out of the courtroom on his way back to his jail cell, Elliot  is quoted as yelling from an elevator, "I am innocent."  He claims he had nothing to do with the murders back in the 1990's and had no idea that anyone would be harmed that night.

Despite statements from others who were convicted of the crimes who said that Elliot had no part in the killings, he was denied on appeal asking for a new trial to present new evidence.  His attorney claims information that was sent to the prosecutors office suggesting Elliot's innocence was never provided to the defense.  The prosecutor's office disputes that.

Is it time, though, to revisit that case?  Prosecutors and the families of the victims say no.  Others, suggest yes.

Elliot says he escaped simply to make a fresh start knowing he would never get justice behind bars.