A new poll by the ORB International and IIACSS (ORB International is a UK-based polling firm, and IIACSS, a Baghdad-based marketing research company that works for governments, non-governmental organizations, corporations and financial institutions around the world) states that one in five Syrians believe that ISIS’s influence in either “somewhat positive” or “completely positive”.

The Daily Caller news site is reporting that 7% of the Syrians interviewed have a “completely positive” attitude of ISIS and another 14% believe that ISIS has a “somewhat positive” attitude towards ISIS.

And President Obama does not even want to consider a pause in bringing Syrian refugees to American soil.  Sure he and his family will not be in much danger because they have a cadre of Secret Service agents surrounding them.

The ORB poll did find that 76% believe ISIS had a negative influence on their country.  Thank God or Allah for that.

Although 20% is too large of a number to risk the lives of Americas.  Would you agree with me on that point?

I pose the question to all of you, why doesn’t President Obama acknowledge the American people’s concerns and weigh that against whatever he believes not pausing the refugee program would improve our standing in the World?

I am certainly not against immigration and the refugee program I am more concerned about the security and safety of the American people.

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