These places are just a tip of Michigan's 'abandoned iceberg'.

It seems just about everyone has some kind of fascination with abandoned places. Coming across an abandoned place, town, building, or site really gets the imagination and curiosity aroused.

If it's an old farmhouse, you may try to imagine what the family was like and what they did. Or if it's an abandoned shop, you can try to picture in your mind what it could have been like with a store full of customers.

Ghost towns that still have empty buildings still standing are the most fun. You may picture this being a very busy village at one time...and now it's reduced to nothing.

There are more elaborate places, like churches, schools, and businesses that have left so much stuff behind. Some houses are like that, too...the tenants just up and left, leaving all this stuff in piles. Why? What was the rush?

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There are youtubers and videographers out there who are devoted to exploring old abandoned places. The smarter ones always get permission before they enter – it avoids prosecution. I do not condone breaking into abandoned buildings or dwellings, as some can be extremely dangerous: broken glass, rusty nails, weak floorboards, black mold, rattlesnakes, beehives & wasp nests.....and getting arrested. Any abandoned, empty place carries a number of risks. Just make sure if you set out to explore, you have to do some diggin' around to get legal permission. Protect yourself!

With that said, take a look at 15 terrific abandoned places in Michigan. You'll see a church, a couple of high schools, an old mine, farmhouse, rock hall, slaughterhouse, drive-in, cement factory, amusement park, deserted neighborhoods, hospital, zoo, and a service station. A pretty good potpourri of places.

Believe me, there are hundreds....THOUSANDS more. But fifteen is a good place to start.

15 Michigan Abandoned Sites


Abandoned Calumet Radar Base

Abandoned Stone Building in Bay Shore

Abandoned Blaine Street Synagogue, Detroit


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