As a followup to a previous article I did on 110 discontinued coffees, I now present another collection - this time featuring 116 different brands. Now in all honesty and fairness, I'm not positive all these coffees are discontinued, but I am sure that the majority of them are. Either way, it's a kick to see all these different brands.

The names of some of these coffees range from aristocratic, to odd, to questionable, to lame. Many of the coffee cans seen here have some intricate and exciting artwork, while others are so simplistic, you wonder where the company's creative marketing genius was....just a name against a blank background. Very boring, and not enticing me to buy their product.

Others, however, make me wish I could try some of these: like the Old Scotch, Old Southern, Swallow, Veteran, and Deerwood coffees. Nice artwork on all those.

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Then you have the labels that didn't take any thought at all: Co-op, Tavern, Roosevelt, Loving Cup, and Gargoyle (even though 'Gargoyle' is an interesting name for coffee).

As for the names themselves, there are some good ones: Ben-Hur, Big Apple, Jittery Joe's, Morning Glory, Phoenix, and Wigwam. And some uninteresting ones as well: Today's, National, Acme, Joe's, and all the ones that cop out and just slap on someone's last name as an afterthought.

There is a seemingly endless amount of coffee brands out there and there are plenty more, if I ever get around to doing another gallery. Take a look at the 116 brands below!

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