The Michigan Health Department is looking at 115 inmates who have tested positive for COVID-19 twice.

Earlier this month, the state announced that 114 men and 1 woman in Michigan correctional facilities have tested positive for COVID-19 twice after a 90-day period or longer.  The state will be looking into these reinfections, but doesn't seem to think this is any cause for alarm.

According to an article by the Detroit Free Press, "all 115 prisoners who tested positive twice were asymptomatic at the time of their second diagnosis." and that "it's not yet known whether someone who becomes reinfected and is asymptomatic can spread the virus."

Almost 20,000 inmates in the Michigan Department of Corrections have tested positive for COVID-19 since the beginning of the pandemic, so the 115, who have tested positive for the second time are just a small percentage of the overall population.  Over half of the 39,805 people living in Michigan prisons during the pandemic have contracted COVID-19 and 105 have died.

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