I decided to start writing down the things that make America great each and every day. I’ve listened long enough to the imbeciles who would have you believe that America is a nation of racists and sexists and is frankly a nation of oppression. It is time to fight back with a little something I like to call the truth!

I considered several ways to do this but thought in the end I would just list things as they came to mind and put them down. I figured you could help as well by sending back replies on things you think make America great. You can say why or just leave it as is.

These are in no particular order but rather just random thoughts about the greatness and exceptionalism that is the United States of America. So here it is my list of 1000 things that make America great!

The Constitution and our experiment in self-government. Unlike anything the world had ever know before it’s been here for about 240 years.


The Wright Brothers

The Interstate Highway System

Thomas Jefferson- what an inspiration he still is today, flaws and all

The Hoover Dam

Omaha Beach

Daytona Beach

Hot Dogs


Steve Jobs

James Madison

Molly Pitcher

Dolly Madison

Harriet Beecher Stowe

Television, inventing it and making it better than anyone

Alexander Graham Bell and his telephone

Nikolai Tesla and his courage to push alternating current or AC over DC

Abraham Lincoln

Yellowstone National Park, created by an act of Congress March 1, 1872. The world’s first national park

John Deere

Harley Davidson

Henry Ford

Elvis Presley

The First Amendment including freedom of speech and religion

Thomas Edison

Saturn V rockets

The Super Bowl

College football, the greatest game ever invented

The Jarvik artificial heart

Liberty Ships



The 40 hour work week


Lewis and Clarke

The Grand Canyon

Susan B. Anthony

General Electric

Martin Luther King Jr.


Henry Ford and his assembly line


Martha’s Vineyard and Cape Cod

The Johnson Space Center

Ronald Reagan and his enduring spirit

The Great Lakes

Freedom of choice



Churches of every size and description and denomination


William Tecumseh Sherman

Iwo Jima

Trees and the forests that cover this nation

Wheat, corn, barley and rice

Land grant colleges and universities

SR-71 Blackbird


Cajun cooking

Jazz music

The Space Shuttle


Apple computers plus iPads iPods and iPhones

Clark Gable

The moving picture show- movies


The cracker and the graham cracker- yep both America ideas

Jack Daniels

The suspension bridge

International Harvestor

Harry Ferguson

BB King

Jesse Owens

1980 US Hockey Team

General Dwight David Eisenhower

George Washington

Danny Thomas and St Judes Children’s Hospital

1969 Shelby Cobra GT

The Smithsonian Museum of Natural History

The Grand Ole Opry


Babe Ruth

Convenience stores

The Ice Cream Cone

Samuel Colt

Hollywood and most of the movies

My wife


Ray Charles