Yesterday in her weekly press briefing House minority leader Nancy Pelosi stated that a 10% raise and a $1000 bonus are “crumbs” to people who make not that much above minimum wage.

Really, this shows you how out of touch she and her colleagues are to the average working man and women.

Nancy Pelosi’s comments were in response to a question asked by a reporter, the reporter asked:

A number of companies are attributing the tax bill for being able to give higher wages to their employees as well as being able to give a number of bonuses to their employees. How do you respond to that?

Nancy Pelosi’s full response was as follows:

In terms of the bonus that corporate America received versus the crumbs that they are giving workers to kind of put the schmooze on is so pathetic. It's so pathetic, I would hope that with their big advantage of bringing money home at a very low rate that they would invest in infrastructure and things, but our experience has been that they will do dividends, do stock buybacks, and things like that. I think it's insignificant

You can hear her actually comments in a Washington Free Beacon article concerning her press briefing and her response.

We are seeing all types of evidence of companies increasing wages, giving bonuses to their employees that were not planed and moving some manufacturing back to America (Chrysler just announced that they are moving production of its Ram trucks from Mexico to Warren Michigan because of the Tax Reform bill) all due to the Tax Reform Act.

Yet her and the Democratic Party’s hatred of the President and the Republican Party outweighs whatever good comes from policies by the President the Republican Party, no matter how much it helps the everyday man and woman.

I can assure Nancy Pelosi that someone making $24,000 to $25,000 a year, a $1000 bonus is not considered crumbs and I am sure is greatly appreciated.  I hope the people who are receiving this wage increase and bonus remember who fought for them and who did not.

I hope the people who are receiving this wage increase and bonus remember what political ideologue is truly on their side and understands their daily struggles and what party does not.

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