Anymore, to see classic cars like this one, you have to be in a museum, someone's multi-million dollar garage, or at a parade. This one, though, you can find parked in Allegan, Michigan... and it's for sale.

The (estimated) 1922 Ford, Model TT was posted on a local, private facebook group for sale. At the moment the engine and transmission are NOT in the vehicle, but the body and frame all seem to be in excellent condition. This would definitely make a fun project for a local gearhead.

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The Ford Model TT was put into production in 1917, and the first truck to use a long-wheelbase chassis. Initially, buyers would only get the chassis, and purchase the custom body type separately. Initially priced, you could get one for right around $600.

Only three Model TT's rolled off the line in its first year of production, which was initially disrupted with the start of World War I. Ford - a pacifist - did, however, supply the US and British Army with more than 12,000 Model TTs in 1918. During the war, no civilian Model T's were produced, so all effort went into producing vehicles for the War Effort.

The Model TT was used widely in the war as a staff car, ambulance, van, and cargo truck. Some were even build to be artillery tractors. To do so, the builders had to fit them with twinned rear tires. Many of the war-era Model TT's remained in service until the 1930s.

After the War, production ramped up again, and THIS particular model (estimated to be from 1922) is likely one of 154,000 to come off the line. Two years later, Ford would include a production of the Model TT with the body included. Peak production was in 1925 with more than 306,000 coming off the production line.

The model that Todd Andrew posted on facebook, again, is estimated to be around 1922, so the body would have likely been custom ordered, or built. There is also no hand-operated windshield wiper, which was introduced in 1925. Andrew is only asking $4,200 for the classic.

Would you pick up this classic and put in the work to get her running again?

100-Year-Old Ford Model TT for sale in Allegan, MI

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