This time of year Michigan homeowners are thinking of warmer temperatures and sunshine. Although Mother Nature keeps teasing us with some late-season low temps and even a few bouts of snow, Spring is officially here.

Spring means that most of us are thinking about getting the outside of our homes ready for warmer temps.  Planning mode is underway and that means planning for that outdoor spruce-up that includes garden and flower planting. Hours of hard work will go into curb appeal and gardens filled with choice veggies...that is if one particular four-legged freeloader doesn't turn your yard into a buffet.

Bambi may be cute in the movie, but roaming around your flowers and garden is a whole other story. Homeowners plant and deer eat. It's a vicious cycle that leaves gardeners beyond frustrated.

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Although many love the early morning sight of deer in their backyard, most would prefer they steer clear of enjoying breakfast at the expense of their flower beds. Deer seem to be getting even more aggressive in their grazing to even pop up on outdoor cameras enjoying a snack right from planters on a porch, leaving many asking the question, "Is there anything I can plant the deer won't eat?" The answer is YES!

According to HGTV, deer will tend to shy away from plants that feature such unpalatable characteristics as bitter flavor, thorny stems, strong scent, or unappealing texture. Many of the flowers that aren't on the menu of fan favorites for deer are an appealing addition to most gardens and landscaping as well.

Keep in mind, planting these suggested flowers won't exactly guarantee Bambi and her guests won't nipple a bit here and there, but at least you have a better chance of not waking up to a barren wasteland.

Check out these Deer Resistant Flowers & Plants below.

Get Planting: 10 Deer Resistant Flowers & Plants

We plant, and the deer eat. Not that we mind seeing the adorable four-legged friends making their way around our yards, but when they turn our hard work into their private banquet, that's a different thing. Planting these flowers & plants may keep Bambi and the gang away from your flower beds and gardens.

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