And I will make damn sure to take every dime I can get my hands on. Along the way I am going to insult the working people of America. I will openly lie because I actually think you are too stupid or too distracted to ever do anything about it.

I will tell you things that you know are not true and my friends at the network news and the newspapers will call you a racist or an idiot to help me promote my agenda. My agenda by the way is too weaken this great nation to a mere shadow of itself. Why? Because I frankly don’t believe in America or it’s people. I think America is a bad country that has taken advantage of the rest of the world and I’d like to even it all out before I leave office. To do that I need all of the money I can get. Therefore I will continue to steal from you the fruits of your labor by raising taxes on anything and everything I can get my hands on.

I will tell you that you’re getting screwed by the rich and we need to have income equality. What that means is I will take money from you and give it to your neighbors. And the whole time I will be laughing at you and your simpleton redneck red, white and blue idiot friends and your Bibles and your guns and your stupid belief that somehow being an American makes you special.

I also want to say thank you to Matt Drudge for making this terrific picture available. Good luck suckers! I’d sit and chat but I have a tee time with some of my Marxist pals and I need to roll out to my helicopter and fly to the country club for a little bit of fun. Thanks for the cash jackass! Gotta run….