Potholes are something motorists expect to deal with every year, but have you ever considered the cost--and not just in frustration.  A new report out today suggests it's probably a whole lot more than you could ever imagine.

The study by the the group Trip, a non-profit transportation research organization, says it's in the billions--7 and a half billion to be exact.

The group studied everything from how deteriorating roads affected damage to vehicle, to the cost of wasted fuel from morning and evening drive-time gridlock, to safety features--or lack of them.

It found, that even in small cities, the cost to motorists can be signficant.  Governor Snyder is still pushing for a fix.  Wanting a way to generate more than a billion dollars a year for ten years to make needed repairs.  Snyder famously saying again, "Pay now or pay later."  He claims the savings on vehicle insurance claims will be well worth finding a way to raise the money.