Today I was shopping at a local grocery store picking up some items for holiday baking.
I noticed a woman who seemed visibly upset. She was crying as she held just a few items in her hands. A lady let her cut in line so she could leave the store a little quicker.
I thought this was a nice gesture, but nothing out of the ordinary. I see people let others cut in line all the time.
It was what happened next that surprised me.
I had left the store at the same time as the lady, I flashed a smile and she just nodded in return. A young man in his late teens early twenties walked up to the woman. He handed her a single rose and said "Ma'am I hope your day gets better."
This blew me away. He didn't know this woman. He could have passed her as many others did, myself included.
It is a gesture like this that restores my faith in humanity.
I hope by writing this story it inspires readers to do something kind for someone else.
Hold the door open, pay for the coffee of the person behind you in line, leave a bigger tip for a waiter/waitress, or offer to help someone reach something they can't in the store.

Have you witnessed anything like this lately?