Less than a week after Congressman Mike Rogers dropped a political bombshell by announcing he would not be seeking reelection, another influential member of the Michigan delegation is calling it quits as well.

Michigan losing another political heavy-hitter


Mlive.com reported U. S. Representative Dave Camp, R-Midland, is the latest to exit the political scene in Washington, D. C. that has been described as hostile and dangerous.

Camp, who is Chair of the important House Ways and Means Committee, is term-limited in that post.  Kyle Melinn, of MIRS News, thinks he could have thought it better to retire than to move back to the more common rank.  Melinn adds there were some health scares for him as well that may have made him rethink his future.

Either way, there is concern that the loss of political clout from Michigan, not only from the retirement of these two Republicans members of the delegation but also from Democrats John Dingell and Senator Carl Levin, could adversely affect the state down the road.

Camp, who was believed to be a shoe-in for reelection to the district that includes parts of 15 counties, says he made his decision after discussions with his family.

He says not having to launch another reelection bid will allow him to focus on issues he believes are important to Michigan and the rest of the nation.  "During the next nine months, I will redouble my efforts to grow our economy and expand opportunity for every American by fixing our broken tax code, permanently solving physician payments for seniors, strengthening the social safety net and finding new markets for U. S. goods and services."

His retirement is effect at the end of the year.

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