18 year old McKenzie Colman was a big hero when she said she found an injured Chihuahua-mix puppy in a trash bin outside her Southeast Grand Rapids home earlier this month.  But now, police say the story of the rescue that warmed the hearts of readers everywhere was nothing but a hoax designed to save face.

Conflicting opinions on whether 18 year old who turned in animal rescued it or dumped it herself


Mlive.com is reporting that the woman has admitted to falsifying the story but there are claims now that maybe that story might not be accurate.

Those from the Kent County Health Department who interviewed Colman, said parts of the woman's story didn't change even after being interviewed by police and animal control officers.

Grand Rapids police, though, are standing by their story.  The say they further questioned Coleman after several tips came into the police department claiming her story was a lie.

They say they believe Coleman didn't want to be seen as a bad person for disposing of an injured animal in that way so she came up with the story when she dropped the puppy off at the Kent County Animal Shelter.

Despite whether the story is true or not, the shelter has been inundated with kind souls looking to give the dog--named Foxy--a new home.