Governor Snyder's budget hasn't even been presented yet, but already critics are coming forward saying any funding hikes aren't enough.

Democrats are at the forefront of the salvos claiming the 2015 budget blueprint to be presented today to both chambers of the legislature in Lansing is a far cry from what the state needs.  is reporting that the governor will call for a one-time proposal that takes fmore than $250 million from the state surplus for transporation funding.  It is a far cry, though, from what Snyder really wants for road repair--more thn a billion dollars a year over the next decade.

The Detroit News is also reporting that Snyder will call for some sort of a short-term tax cut for low to moderate income families.  Some had called for across the board tax relief, but others commend the idea to send the relief to those really in need.

The biggest point of contention, though, has to do with education funding.  The governor is proposing a 6.1% hike to public colleges and universities in the state that would be tied to performance rates--the numbers who actually complete a degree within six years.   Democrats claim there should be no strings attached and that setting standards for the funding will cause some to have to "jump through hoops" to get the money.

As for K-12 money allowed in the 2015 blueprint, the governor is opting for a 3% hike.  But while an increase from the previous year, democrats are saying the funding is woefully inadequate.  They say when you take into consideration cuts in the past under Snyder, schools are actually getting a more than one hundred dollar funding cut per student.

The governor's address is set for 11 o'clock this morning.