The search for the suspect in the robbery of an Ingham County bank has been found dead.

Suspect in robbery of a PNC Bank in Meridian Township Found in Deer Blind is reporting that Shiawassee County officials announced today that the man, who was the subject of a ground and air manhunt on Monday, was found hanged in a deer blind off of I-69 near Bancroft.  His body was discovered after an 8-hour standoff with authorities.

Officials say the man, who had no identification on him, was wanted in connection with the armed robbery of a PNC bank branch in Meridian Township Monday afternoon around 2 o'clock.  He was chased by officials as he made his way north to I-69 where he lost control of his vehicle and left it abandoned in the median.

Police say he then took off for the woods and was holed up in the deer blind while negotiators tried to convince him to give himself up. is reporting members of the Michigan State Police surrounded the blind and pulled it to the ground around 10:30 last night.  It was at that time, that the suspect's body was found dead inside.

Police are not saying whether any money taken from the bank was recovered or if others are suspected of having helped the suspect in the heist.

They say they'll be continuing their investigation today to determine an identity of the suspect by analyzing further the vehicle used as the getaway car.