Give one round in the battle over whether to keep or strike Michigan's ban on gay marriage to Attorney General Bill Schuette.  Schuette won a stay of a ruling that struck down the law as unconstitutional.  That leaves the AG gearing up for what could be the biggest fight of his political career.

Michigan's AG wins indefinate stay to keep gay marriage ban in place is reporting that the Sixth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, in a two to one vote, decided late Tuesday to give Schuette an indefinite stay that keeps the ban in place until the legal proceedings are concluded.

The report quotes the Attorney General as saying he is hoping the court now rules quickly on the matter.  Schuette, who forecast the stay during a campaign stop in Grand Rapids on Tuesday, says it's what has happened in other states.  "The justices want their appeal," he said.

The stay means there will be no more same-sex marriages in the state until the decision is final, according to Schuette.  He had warned state clerks before the decision by Federal Judge Bernard Friedman in Detroit on Friday, that they should not issue licenses before a final ruling.  He said that would be premature and would leave some in limbo.

That appears to be the case.  There is concern now over the legality and standing of those, who defied that warning and turned out in the few hours between the ruling and a temporary stay being issued, to get married.  Ceremonies were performed Saturday at four clerk's offices--including Ingham--where clerks allowed for the nuptials despite the AG's statement..

Meantime, Schuette is being inundated from those on both sides of the controversial issue.  Conservative groups are asking that he continue to push to keep the ban in place.  Others, including those who signed an online petition, are asking that he give up the fight.

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