For those suffering from one of the worst ice storms to hit the area, not only are they looking at the potential of a "dark" Christmas, but no heat with temperatures expected into the teens tonight.  For those folks, there are services to help.

Several communities across the state are opening 'warming centers' to offer at least a respite from the cold weather.   People, who've lost power and have no generator or fireplace to keep warm, are being urged to come in.  For information on where you can find one in your area, call simply 2-1-1.  Also, check the website of your local jurisdiction.

And some safety reminders from area police.  The power outages are wrecking havoc on those traveling.  Even street lights in many areas are out prompting a reminder that if  you come to a 'dark' intersection, treat it like a four-way stop.

Flooding is a problem as well.  Some roads are water-covered due to the melting snow and ice making them impassable.  Police remind us as well never to try to make it 'though' a roadway that's underway.  There is no way to guage just how deep the water is and a car can be overcome by water very quickly.  Also, water-covered roads can be compromised under the weight of the water and become unstable for traffic.  Always report problems to your local police department so that the area can be blocked off.