Officials in west Michigan not giving as much an update on the investigation into a missing person's case as making a plea to the woman at the center of the investigation to come forward.

Teleka Patrick hasn't been seen since early December.  Her car was found in a ditch along an interstate in Indiana, about a hundred miles from the hospital in which she works, with her money and identification still inside.

Kalamazoo officials say they think the woman, who is a medical resident, may be okay and simply in hiding.  If that's true, they say, they're asking that she contact her family and put an end to the investigation into what happened to her.

The case generated national headlines when it was learned that a well-known Grand Rapids Gospel singer Marvin Sapp took out three Personal Protection Orders against Patrick claiming she was stalking him and referring to him as her husband.  The two, Sapp says, had no such relationship.

Officials believe Patrick may be delusional and afraid to come forward after all the media attention.