East Lansing Police may be closer to solving the murder case of a Michigan State University student.  A suspect was taken into custody last night in Grand Rapids.

The suspect, identified as 19 year old Marquay McCoy, was discovered at a home in southeast Grand Rapids on Tuesday.  The man had been identified as a suspect in the death 20 year old Dominique Nolff of Middleville.  The sophomore was found shot back in January at an apartment complex near campus.

When McCoy refused to come out of the home near Hall Street and Eastern Avenue, a tactical team was brought in to surround the house and try to talk the suspect out.   He was eventually taken into custody around 8:30 p.m.

McCoy, who is known to have a number of aliases, is said to match the video surveillance tapes provided by the East Lansing Police Department, of a man seen in a stairwell of the Cedar Village Apartment Complex on January 31st arriving and leaving the building near the time of the murder.

Nolff was shot to death.  Another man, identified as Corbin Holwerda of Grand Haven, was wounded in the attack and worked with police to identify the suspect.

McCoy was tracked to the home in Grand Rapids after a tip to police.  Prosecutors say police are now working to connect the dots to tie McCoy to Nolff's murder and say he could be arraigned as early as today.