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Noah’s Flood Minor Compared To Dems
The recriminations are just beginning in the bombshell revelations that keep coming from the near total reversal of the Russian Collusion narrative that Democrats and the Main Stream Media have clung to for months. Those that ha...
Never Trump Flake Fails 
Arizona Senator Jeff Flake, who has been an outspoken Never Trumper from the beginning and facing long odds of getting re-elected threw in the towel Tuesday and is the latest Republican to blast Trump while seemingly losing the argument.
Flake took to the Senate floor to complain th...
Do You Speak English at Home?
How are immigrants here either legally or illegally supposed to assimilate into our culture if they do not speak English or do not speak English very well?
According to data released this week by the Census Bureau 44.6% of people over 5 years old do not speak English at home in the state of Californi…

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