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The Emperor Has No Clothes And Neither Does Charlie Rose!
Oh how the mighty keep falling. Charlie Rose and Glenn Thrush are the latest high profile members of the national media to get torn asunder by the national appetite to eviscerate and hold accountable those that have used their power and position to pursue demand and in some cases take …
A Pie and Fake News. Really!
How more ridiculous can the Main Stream Manipulative News get than CNN’s and the American Urban Radio Networks White House correspondent April Ryan?
Last week White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee tweeted that she made a pecan pie for Thanksgivings...
The Town Of Christmas
Take a look inside Santa's world by visiting his toy factory and assembly line, working elves, Santa's sleigh and train. A frozen castle with an igloo and a reindeer stables with a singing reindeer and see the big man himself.
Is your water safe?
Ari Adler, Director of Communications at Office of Gov. Rick Snyder. There’s a multi-agency response effort created by the Governor addressing the growing concern with toxic flouorocarbon pollution that has contaminated drinking water supplies in communities around the stat…
Transgender Recall Battle
Williamston and it’s school district has become the flashpoint for the culture war over transgender issues that are becoming hot button issues around the country.
Residents in the Willaimston District have initiated a recall effort against school board President Greg Talberg, who is also runnin…

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