The Pontiac Silverdome opened in 1975. The Detroit Lions played there until 2002. Ever since the place has not been used much and soon a bunch of stuff from inside the stadium will be auctioned off--including water fountains, end zone logos, lights, turf, game clocks and even the scoreboard and more. Wayne County based RJM Auctions is handling it.

The auction is set for May 12-16. At a starting price of $100 Silverdome seats are being sold now.

Pictured below is a photo taken inside the Silverdome on October 8, 2001. Number 39 is Lamar Campbell and number 28 is Ron Rice carrying a flag through an inflatable Lion during player introductions before a game against the St. Louis Rams.

Pontiac Silverdome on October 8, 2001 - Photo by Getty Images