President Barack Obama is simply wrong to involve the U.S. military in the Central African Republics internal civil war. The United States is still mired in failing military efforts in both Iraq and Afghanistan. To send any U.S. military or equipment to a small sub saharan nation that we know little about is good old fashioned foolishness!

This President has in recent months embarrassed himself time and again on the international stage and entering in any way the conflict in the center of Africa could be yet another black eye. The argument for our help is a vote by the United Nations authorizing intervention by so called “peacekeepers”. I prefer to use the more accurate term soldiers. The French and British are already there and Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel says no American troops will be on the ground. For the record the American military rarely goes anywhere without putting boots on the ground.

For some light reading and a sobering history lesson you may want to look up a small country we last followed France into. In fact you may have heard of it, Vietnam.

It may be time to take a closer look at the Monroe Doctrine and a long look in the mirror. Do we really want another war America? Make no mistake this will be Obama’s war and we should want nothing to do with it. However with Obama’s growing disregard for the Constitution if he thinks it’s a good political move then look for a War Czar and an executive order to stop the marauding Christians by intervention by American soldiers.

It is time to step and say no more!