President Obama, making his way to Michigan today for an usual bill signing away from the nation's capitol, is planning at least one stop on his way to East Lansing for the event.

The President is set to have lunch with newly elected Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan.  The former medical center executive was voted into office in the middle of the city's bankrucpy and restructuring.

While Duggan's powers are limited while Emergency Manager Kevyn Orr is in charge in the Motor City, he is still viewed as influential.  The luncheon today between the two democrats was called for by the White House.

Duggan met earlier with Vice President Joe Biden when he came to town to visit the North American International Auto Show at Cobo Center.  Biden, while expressing concern for the city and its financial troubles, said there would be no financial bailout.

Duggan's meeting today with the President could involving much the same conversation, but Obama could offer some other ways the federal government could help.  There are no details, though, on what that could be.

Detroit is facing billions in red ink and unsecured legacy costs.