Getty Images - Hans Neleman

Barack Obama has for all intents and purposes treated the United States Constitution as a trite document with no real value in the ‘modern age’. He has made us all very aware that he can ignore the dusty document, sidestep the co-equal branches of government and do as he pleases with his pen and phone.

George Washington University professor of law and outspoken Obama supporter Jonathon Turley has begun waving the red flag ever more fervently saying this President is leading us into a head on collision of a constitutional crisis!

Obama has time and again run afoul of congress by unilaterally changing laws to his liking.. most often trying desperately to repair his ‘signature legislation’ Obamacare after it’s disastrous rollout and disdain by three in four Americans.

Oddly however gun laws in America and the Second Amendment continue to get support from federal courts most recently the 9th circuit court of appeals struck down California’s concealed weapons law that required applicants to demonstrate a ‘need’ to have a weapon.

Makes you wonder when the peasants take to the streets will they be better armed because the government protected their rights to have a gun while stealing every other liberty they could put their dirty hands on.