President Obama's approval rating in Michigan has hit its lowest point in 3 years.  That according to the Michigan State University's fall 2013 State of the State Survey.  The's President's numbers slipped from better than 45-percent to just over 38-percent.  That is Obama's lowest quarterly rating since 2010 when it was just over 32-percent.  On the flip side, Republican Governor Rick Snyder is being seen as more favorable--despite some controversial legislation he signed into law, including Right to Work.  The survey also found more optimistic about the future.  While those conducting the poll say it shows a decline in popularity for Obama, his  rating still hovers near the 40-percent range in the state.  Bill Clinton's numbers were 'below' 40 back in 1995 but then rose again back into the 50's toward the en dof his  term.   President George W. Bush, getting support from 76-percent after the September 11th attacks, but left office with a dismal 13.7 rating.