More in Michigan have chosen plans on the health insurance marketplace than expected, according to statistics released by the federal government. is reporting that the number of enrollees is 70% higher than previously expected.

That comes as welcome news to the group pushng for last minute sign-ups  "After a very successful campaign, we're overjoyed that our work helped so many Michigan individuals and families obtain piece of mind and financial security through the new coverage options," said Erin Knott, the Michigan director of the group Get Covered America.

The article shows a last minute surge of enrollment with nearly 130,000 signing up between March 1 and April 19.   Enrollment was set to expire at the end of March but the Obama administration extended the deadline to those who were already on the healthcare website but had not completed the process by March 31.

The breakdown looks lke this:  54% of females signed up along wtih 45% of males.  Nearly 90% were eligible for financial aid to make the payments, and 47% were 34 years old and younger.  Other reports indicate the number of young or "invincibles" signed up, who are needed to make the program a success, up is closer to only 25%.--much less than what is needed to keep premiums for everyone from rising significantly next year and beyond.

But a report from Republicans in the U. S. House of Representatives found a full third of Americans had not paid the premiums yet.  In Michigan, that rate was nearly 50%.

Michigan Republican Congressman Fred Upton, who chairs the  Energy and Commerce Committee, says he's done with speculation on the numbers and has called for insurance providers to testify at a hearing next week to give specifics on enrollment in the Affordable Care Act..

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