Latest Kids Count shows many in Michigan below the national average

A new "Kids Count" report with some unexpected results.  Children--both black and white--are lagging behind national averages in Michigan. is reporting that the study looked at all 50 states based on a number of items, including school test scores, high school graduation rates, employability, and child poverty.While black and white children account for the greatest portion of number of the state's youth population, both scored below other states in the the categories.

"These results show starkly different conditions in our state for children of different races and places," said Jane Zehnder-Merrell, director of Kids Count in Michigan. She is urging more resources to figure out why.  "Our state and local policy makers must focus on strategies to increase opportunities for families with children in all racial/ethnic groups to have better outcomes and conditions.

While no ethnic group scored well in all 12 categories, nationally Asians and white children scored highest.

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