While rumors of possible school board recall efforts are now being launched, students at Holt High School are taking action--and now.

The students have launched a sit-in to protest a planned restructuring in the Ingham County district just south of Lansing.  At issue, is a move of seniors in a separate facility.  The idea, according to proponents, is to better acclimate students to a higher education environment that allows them to focus more on their school work.  Currently, seniors are lodged in the same building with 10th and 11th graders. The move would displace, though, ninth graders who have been housed in their own separate facility.

At a school board meeting Monday night, the board voted to approve the idea despite numerous calls for reconsideration from both parents and students.  The move has also generated a call for recall efforts against those who voted for the move.

Students, who have taken over the cafeteria, say they plan to continue their sit-in until the board agrees to look for other options.