In a day and age where few people are accountable for much of anything I take my hat off to Brady Hoke, head coach of the Michigan Wolverines football team. He made a gutsy call with less than a minute to play against arch rival Ohio State... he went for the win.

Trailing by one point 42-41 after watching his team score on the heavily favored Buckeyes, he could have certainly played for the tie and overtime and a moral victory but instead Hoke went for it all.

Many may think it was a fool's errand, but I give the man credit. He knew he would be a hero or a goat... no middle ground on this one. He is accountable. The Wolverines came up short but it’s nice to see that there are still a few of us ready to enter the ring, get dirty and go all in rather than sit on the sidelines and take cheap shots at those that do.

I am pretty sure Teddy Roosevelt would have gone for the win, too.