Police in East Lansing were on alert watching out for out-of-control celebrations after the Michigan State University Spartans' stunning win Sunday in the Rose Bowl over favored Stanford.  And despite their efforts, some incidents were reported.

Police are reporting at least 5 fives were set after the game and early this morning within the city--and some again--involved couches.  The incidents happened despite a push from law enforcement to remain calm whatever the outcome of the game and avoid being part of gathering crowd where there was the potential for violence.

Police also sent out reminders about the ramifications of excessive celebrations, reminding students and their parents that those involved in a melee in the city last year over another Spartan win resulted in a number of arrests.  Some are still being sought.

Officials say they'll be looking over video and surveillance footage to determine who was involved in this latest situation and are promising they'll be dealt with harshly as well.   Students could face fines and jail time.