This is Cyber Monday.  Retailers are hoping those who didn't make it into the stores on Black Friday take another stab at finding that great deal. The computer-based selling is designed to allow those to shop for sales in the comfort of their own home--or office.  Lost productivity is said to be huge today as many will be spending time at work surfing the internet and 'not' working their job.  Some will be fired for using company-time to shop online today, while others will take it in stride.  A survey of business owners say they 'know' people are going to be doing a bit of extra computer work today that is 'not' designed to better the company, and they're okay with that.  They say it's the least they can do to reward their employees for their dedication.  Also, some reminders about safety if you are planning to buy online this Christmas season.  Expects say use a credit card not a debit card when buying and deal only with reputable companies.  It's estimated that thousands have their identity stolen each day in this country.