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Should Taxpayers Pay For Apprenticeships?
Whatever happened to companies bearing the responsibility to hire people as apprentices for on the job training?
When did it become the taxpayer’s responsibility to fund or help fund the training of perspective employees or employees of a private company...
Trump, Hillary and the Media
The Pew Research Center conducted a poll which asked who do you believe the media treats easier, Donald Trump or Hillary.  I was so surprised by the result I had to let all of you know and I want to ask you the very same question.
The Pew Research Center said  27% of Americans believe the n…
Michigan 3rd Graders and Reading Proficency
A bill in Michigan to improve childhood literacy is moving forward in the Michigan Legislature after a committee reached a compromise on the controversial provisions Michigan should hold back students who fail to read proficiently by third grade...
Poll: Michigan Sin/Beer Tax
Do you feel you pay enough for your beer, well if you do be aware that your cost could go up?  Michigan state House Bill 5873 is looking to increase the tax you pay for that beer by 244%.
Health of a Presidential Candidate
The health of a candidate for president is an important issue.  Presidents have a grueling schedule and they must be up for the task of that grueling schedule.  There is a difference between a handicap and possible serious health issues...
Crime, Witnesses Descriptions and Race
When a crime occurs and the witnesses give descriptions, including race, of the suspects is that something that you believe is important when attempting to solve a crime?
Brown University in Rhode Island is no longer going to include the race of the suspected criminal when reporting on crimes...

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