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Child Prostitution & California
According to the Sacramento Bee as part of the California bill decriminalizing child prostitution it states that commercially sexually exploited children, based on the bill’s analysis, may be taken into temporary custody “if the minor has an immediate need for medical care, or … is in immediate dang…
Should Zero-Tolerance Policies in School End?
The Michigan Senate passed legislation yesterday to end the ridiculous policy of zero-tolerance in our schools
Currently you can be expelled from your school for actions that range from physical assault to disobedience and even having a butter knife in your book bag...
Recount: a State or Federal Issue?
Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette  believes that the recount issue in Michigan is one of state law not federal law.
Although there are others who say a ruling on federal constitutional law takes precedence over a state court ruling...
Hillary the Recount & Undermining Democracy
Hillary Clinton is supporting the recount of the presidential election in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Michigan.  Remember what she said about President elect Trump during their last debate concerning the vote.
Romney for Secretary of State
Could you choose someone as your Secretary of State, or for that matter any position in your presidential cabinet if they so adamantly campaigned against you in your campaign.
It does show that you are not looking for yes men or women to help you run the country and that is a great thing.
Poll: Northern Not Southern Border Security
Michigan Demorcrat U.S. Senator Gary Peters, a member of the Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs, is in favor or the bipartisan Northern Border Security Review Act.
Do you find it a bit hypocritical that Democrat Senator Peters is in favor of border control of our northern …
Poll: Are the woman who voted against Donald Trump sexist?
We are now hearing a large amount of people saying that men did not vote for Hillary Clinton because they are sexist.  Well let's flip that position and ask are the women who voted against Donald Trump sexist?
Is that not fair comparison and question, if not why...
Who Will Win The Presidency?
Who will win the Presidency today?
Will Donald Trump bring out people who had not voted before or Democrats who can not stand to enable, by their vote, her and her husband behavior.
Will there be enough Republican's who will stay at home and not enable Trump's behavior, by their vote, his be…

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