Michigan Water Burned By Global Warming
Michigan Water Burned By Global Warming
It is terribly sad that the Environmental Protection Agency was so focused on Global Warming it dropped the ball with the lead contamination in the Flint, Michigan water supply. The State of ...
‘Racist’ Statue In Kalamazoo Makes Children Cry?
Will a statue in Bronson Park be the next statue to fall?
Mlive is reporting about the Kalamazoo city commission voting unanimously to approve a resolution to recognize Indigenous Peoples Day on the second Monday of October each year, even though they do not even recognize Columbus Day...
Disrespect for Our Country Grows
The wave of kneeling by liberals to show disrespect to our flag, country and police force is growing.
Now it has reached the liberal bastion of Ann Arbor and I am not talking about the U of M football team.
At Monday’s Ann Arbor city council meeting, four council members took a knee du…
Is the Navy or Coast Guard On Troubled Water
Coast Guard Sailing In Poisoned Water
Every single military base tested to date in Michigan and around the United States that used so called AFFF, which is a foam used for firefighting has tested positive for massive contamination from PFC’s and PFOA’s...
Bridge Made of Glass Cracks or Did It?
Talking about being frightened especially around Halloween.
What would you do if you were walking on one of those glass bridges or walkways that so many tourist enjoy and it began to crack under your feet?
There is a glass walkway in Hubei, China that wraps around a mountain 3,871 feet above a valley …
West Michigan’s poisoned wells are just the beginning of a water contamination problem that could spread across the state and impact millions of people living here. In fact, a report was issued years ago with the intention of warning people of the severe health risks posed by emerging chemicals know…

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