Yours truly wrote this article a couple months ago. I am reposting it with a link to an article written by Fox News. I was not kidding folks. How far will big government go to control you?

Fox news article:


My comments:

A couple of years ago I had to break down and buy a new furnace. My old one went to heater heaven in mid-April and though I thought I could tough it out until spring that wasn’t really a reality. I mean I know it’s weird but kids actually like a house with heat. They also want food, water and clothing but I’ll save that for a different day. I bought a brand new high efficiency propane furnace and coupled that with a terrific wood furnace. The dual fuel set-up has been terrific.

This has been the third coldest winter on record in the continental United States. (1979, 1899 and now 2014) I have worked hard to make sure I have quality wood on hand. In fact with all the Ash trees killed by the Emerald Ash Borer there is a bumper crop of good firewood available. Couple that with some pretty good tree busting storms the past couple of years and there’s enough wood to keep my house warm for years to come.

I have spent less than $350 on propane for the entire winter. The rest of my heat has come straight from my property. It occurred to me today however that soon this will surely be illegal. Why you ask? Well a couple of reasons. First the government isn’t getting any of those wonderful taxes they place on fuel. Make no mistake the government cannot let me heat my home without getting it’s cut for the better good. Second and much more important is the smoke created by my fire must be contributing to global warming and destroying the planet. Meaning the EPA will soon smash little polluters like me and my family. After all the EPA now has the authority to dictate just about anything to anyone anytime it sees fit. Including taking over one million acres of the state of Wyoming and giving it to the Wind River Indian Reservation.

I warn you now the days of enjoying a campfire are numbered for soon school kids will be indoctrinated to know that anyone that burns wood is a Neanderthal conservative hell bent on destroying the world in which they live. They know full well that building and watching a windmill is far more interesting to watch and tell stories (like how the windmill is made in large part out of plastic products… from petroleum) Oops there I go making sense again.

Anyway I wouldn’t be investing in any Marshmallow stocks any time soon.