The sexual assault of a woman in her East Lansing residence is prompting warnings again from police to make sure all doors and windows are locked--especially at night.

The woman told police she was assaulted early Sunday morning at her home in the 500 block of Evergreen Avenue.  She says she was asleep when the man attacked her after gaining entrance to the home through an unlocked door.  She was able to give police a  description of both the suspect and his vehicle.

Police say that vehicle was found a short distance away in the 500 block of Forest Road where 17 year old Darcel Ricky Johnson was taken into custody.

He was arraigned Tuesday in 54-B District Court in East Lansing.  He'll undergo a preliminary exam in the next couple of weeks.

Police say the incident is another example of just how vulnerable residents can be to crime and urge them to take steps to protect themselves--and that is by simply locking doors and windows.   They say security systems can also be beneficial in preventing crimes.