The city of Flint was well within its rights to fire a police officer who is said to have delivered food to his girlfriend at a gentlemen's club before responding to an emergency call.

Chris Mark's lawsuit against the City of Flint Dismissed by Court of Appeals is reporting that Officer Chris Mark sued the department in August 2009 claiming he was fired in retaliation over a complaint he filed against a police lieutenant following a physical altercation.

Mark says the incident generated extra scruntiny from those simply looking for a reason to let him go.

City attorneys, though, claimed Mark was fired for taking an emergency call, in which a woman was screaming for help, but making a food stop to the Men's Club on Atherton Road before responding to the call.

Genesee Circuit Court Judge Joseph Farah dismissed the case.  Mark took his argument to the Michigan Appeals Court which this week upheld the lower court ruling.

The opinion cited no evidence proving that the police department conspired against him.  There has been no comment from Mark or his attorney to the ruling.